Blueberry Protein Weight loss Breakfast Smoothie with Vegan Protein

Blueberry Protein Weight loss Breakfast Smoothie with Vegan Protein

If you feel like jolting your tastebuds with a tangy flavor, try this blueberry protein weight loss breakfast smoothie withvegan proteinrecipe. You’ll feel full the whole morning when you drink a tall glass of this recipe. This recipe is best enjoyed in the morning, but you can also drink it any part of the day.

In this topic, we’ll teach you how to create the blueberry protein weight loss breakfast smoothie with vegan protein. You’ll get to know the things to prepare, how to do the preparation, tools to use, and the other things to keep in mind while preparing. Without further ado, let’s dive in with the recipe!

Things to prepare:

Tools to prepare:

How to prepare the recipe:

1. Wash your blueberries if they’ve been taken out directly from a market. But if you freeze them beforehand, there’s no need to wash them. You can cut your blueberries in halves or not. Put them in a separate bowl.

2. cbd gummies 500mg Squeeze your fresh lemons until it fills half of your teaspoon.

3. # The Best CBD TERPENES by Just CBD StoreIn a tall glass, mix the liquids (a dash of water, almond milk, and lemon juice).

4. Pour the liquids to the blender together with the rest of the solids (blueberries, almond butter, and vegan protein).

5. Blend them until you get your desired smoothie consistency. The ideal consistency is it should be too thick and too runny.

6. Pour in a tall glass and enjoy!

Things to keep in mind:

1. The proportions of this recipe are for one serving only. Create your desired servings based on this proportion. For example, if you want to create two servings of this recipe, double the proportions.

2. Lessen the strain in your blender. It’s better to cut your blueberries in halves. Others find this time consuming, so they leave it out as a whole and just toss it in the blender.

3. Blueberries stain, so try to keep them away from clothes, linen, and anything that could be stained.

4. If you want to thicken your smoothie, a trick to try is to add one more scoop of vegan powder in your drink.

5. This recipe is best served with breakfast.

Final thought

Enjoy this blueberry protein weight loss breakfast smoothie withvegan proteinrecipe in the mornings. It will surely awaken your senses to prepare you for the day!

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